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cheap budget low cost airfares

low cost airfares

cheap budget low cost airfares


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Few Tips to Save Money on Airfare

1. Kayak

Kayak scours hundreds of websites to uncover the web’s best flight deals with fare alerts for flights.

Kayak’s platform shows airfare to certain destination over a month duration or more. Travelers can identify  the lowest rates and hence the cheapest dates to fly. Exclusive deals from “Secret Carriers”  are announced after purchase.

2.Bing Travel

Bing Travel uses math and magic logic into bargain hunting. The Bing Price Predictor ( biggest well kept secret asset) , covering most USA, Canadian and some worldwide destinations predicts when its users should buy airline tickets in order to save money by using historical airfare prices and current travel trends.


3.Flytnc  ( under construction…)

Following are a real links to cheaper deals around Singapore region … 

4. Student Universe

Student travelers can purchase discounted airfares with

It can negotiate special student fares using our patented verification technology.

Only verified students can save about  $100  per flight.

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a flight comparison tool  that will find  the lowest airfare available in a month or year on a graph.

Sky Scanner scans offers from 600+ airlines with over 67,000 routes global wide.It refers users to official booking websites without fees.For travelers with no plans, Sky Scanner’s “Search Everywhere” can view the cheapest flights leaving from the airports nearest you.

More savings by selecting indirect routes or by using the flexible search tool that basically mix and match airlines.

5. STA Travel

STA Travel targets students under the age of 26 with bargains from global airline.Students exclusive travel deals are competitively priced.Another bonus is dates are flexible after purchase.

6. Airfare Watchdog

Airfarewatchdog lives up to its name i.e an airfare alerts tool. The  site will email user an alert when ultimate deals are found.

Users can set alerts for certain  city-to-city routes. Alerts for “Anywhere That’s Cheap” from all nearby airports are very useful . Unbelievably dropdown  deals will be emailed to you on a daily basis ,once or up to 2-3 times per week. It covers almost any airlines inclusive of Southwest Airlines.

Airfarewatchdog rounds up the Top 50 Fares available daily for its users .

7. Momondo

Momondo is an excellent travel tool that covers more than 700 airfare websites to give you the best deals.

It prides itself as a decent unprejudiced, uncovering low-cost carriers, travel agency websites and flight offers from around the world .

Since 2006 , Momondo  has created over 700 robots that detect websites just like a human being.

Based in Copenhagen, it covers the whole of Europe. Fllights with smaller, niche carriers are available tooI.Finding good  deals to remote and unique destinations in Asia, Africa and Australia is easy as ABC when  using Momondo.

One can find direct or indirect flights to multiple destinations.

8. Priceline

Priceline’s Name Your Own Price scheme is excellent for heavily cut round-trip tickets . Money-pinching deals sometimes up to 50%discount are available with some user flexibility.

In this program, the travelers select travel dates but no control on what time their flights depart and return. Flight details are only revealed after purchase. They can choose their departure and arrival airports.

Priceline guarantees lowest prices because you have chosen to fly off-peak.No guarantee on non-stop flight.

Last-minute travel deals are also offered .

9. FareCompare

The experts from FareCompare suggests to purchase air tickets mid-day on Tuesday or Wednesday. FareCompare is a great online tool for flight comparisons in terms of lowest price.

FareCompare can compare fares from more than 500 airlines at one time. Since 2004, the company has a data collection from prvious to current airfares.

Its built in alert system will email or Facebook message once airfare on a selected route meets the minimum change set by the user.

A unique feature includes  Getaway Map for those who haven’t decided where to visit.By just a departure city input, the interactive map shows you how far you can travel with your budget.Now that’s magic to your ears.


Yapta is an online gadget that helps travelers track airline prices before and after ticket purchases.

You can use Yapta( powered by Kayak )tofind the cheapest flights in the months ahead.

Yapta is able to monitor fare changes after tickets have been purchased. If prices drop, one can claim an airline refund for the difference.

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